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This year's National Swimming Championships and Tokyo Olympics have achieved good results frequently. In the five days since the start of the competition, the national swimming team’s famous players have "surprised" almost every day. The most eye-catching performance was Zhang Yufei, who broke an Asian record and a national record.


Women's 100 meters on the morning of September 30


Zhang Yufei's Asian record is also very competitive on the world stage. This result is the third best result in the history of the event, and it is also the result of winning the gold medal in the event at the Gwangju World Swimming Championships last year. Prior to this, Shestrom occupied the top 7 good results in the history of the project. Zhang Yufei broke Shestrom’s monopoly on the project with this golden achievement, and demonstrated the new generation of "Chinese Butterfly Queen". Strong strength.


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You have to know that there is also a national record for women's 100m freestyle in Zhang Yufei's name. On the evening of September 27, Zhang Yufei was still there

您必须知道,张宇飞(Ju Yufei)的名字也代表了女子100m自由泳的全国纪录。 9月27日晚上,张玉飞还在那里

Needless to say, Zhang Yufei's state is good. Being able to create success in sub-items and main items, Zhang Yufei attributed it to the improvement of physical fitness. Physical fitness is Zhang Yufei's strength, and she is also the pacesetter of physical fitness training for the national swimming team. In the physical test before the competition, Zhang Yufei scored 45 points (out of 50 points), ranking first among the top 16 players in the women's 100m butterfly preliminaries. The strengthening of physical stamina gave Zhang Yufei a better physical fitness and at the same time promoted her swimming performance. She said that the most obvious manifestation of the strengthening of physical training is in her main event of the 100-meter butterfly, and the promotion of the secondary event of the 100-meter freestyle is a matter of course. "Butterfly and freestyle short-distance events have something in common. The physical fitness and speed of the butterfly has also improved after the freestyle. Since winter training, I have strengthened most of my physical fitness. The most important thing in the short-distance event is physical fitness. The muscles must increase. The increase in the 100-meter freestyle is also due to the increase in physical fitness."

不用说,张玉飞的状态很好。能够在子项目和主要项目上取得成功,张玉飞将其归因于身体素质的提高。身体素质是张玉飞的强项,也是国家游泳队身体素质训练的排头兵。在比赛前的体检中,张玉飞得分45分(满分50分),在女子100m蝶泳预赛中排名前16位的选手中名列第一。身体耐力的增强使张玉飞具有更好的身体素质,同时提高了她的游泳成绩。她说,加强体育锻炼最明显的表现是在她的100米蝶泳的主要项目中,而对100米自由泳的第二项目的推广是理所当然的。 “蝴蝶和自由泳短距离比赛有一些共同点。自由泳后,蝴蝶的身体素质和速度也有所提高。自从冬季训练以来,我增强了大部分身体素质。短距离运动中最重要的事情这是身体的健康。肌肉必须增加。100米自由泳的增加也是由于身体健康的增加。”

Achievement of the results is not a day's work. Behind this is Zhang Yufei's hard work day after day in physical fitness and special events, with sweat in exchange for fruitful results. The intensive physical training for a period of time overturned Zhang Yufei’s previous understanding of physical training, and also made her truly feel the "sour and refreshing" feeling brought by the muscle response after training, but she has also benefited from hard training and solid preparation. . "Because my physical fitness was relatively weak in the past, a lot of time and energy were devoted to special training, so it took me about 4 to 5 months to improve my basic physical fitness to a relatively balanced level." From the very beginning Pull-ups can only carry 15 kilograms, and when she starts to move, she can already carry 40 kilograms to perform the most standard exercises. Zhang Yufei has made great progress. The most intuitive feeling brought to Zhang Yufei from hard training is that the improvement of upper limbs and core strength has a more obvious promotion effect on the butterfly stroke event. "The improvement of core strength has helped me to better complete the butterfly butt lift and control the rhythm of the action in the water, and to swim more smoothly and maintain the streamline in the water. All of these have further improved my special training level. I think the emphasis and investment in physical training is very helpful to the special performance."

取得成果并不是一天的工作。这背后是张玉飞在健身和特殊活动中日复一日的辛勤工作,汗水换取了丰硕的成果。一段时间的密集体育锻炼颠覆了张玉飞以前对体育锻炼的理解,也使她真正感受到了训练后肌肉反应所带来的“酸甜爽口”的感觉,但她也得益于刻苦训练和扎实的准备。 。 “由于过去我的身体素质相对较弱,所以很多时间和精力都花在了特殊训练上,因此我花了大约4到5个月的时间才能将我的基本身体素质提高到一个相对平衡的水平。”从一开始,引体向上只能携带15公斤,而当她开始移动时,她已经可以携带40公斤来执行最标准的锻炼。张玉飞取得了长足的进步。刻苦训练给张玉飞带来的最直观的感觉是,上肢和核心力量的改善对蝶泳事件的促进作用更加明显。 “核心力量的提高帮助我更好地完成了蝴蝶对接的举升并控制了水中的动作节奏,使游泳更加顺畅并保持了水中的流线运动。所有这些都进一步提高了我的特殊训练水平我认为,体育锻炼的重点和投入对特别表演非常有帮助。”

"Think of the past failures. Rather than crying on the field, I want to sweat more and bear more fatigue on the training field. I have expectations and requirements for myself, and I will move forward courageously towards my goals. "Zhang Yufei, who has experienced downturns, understands that success is not easy. She is working hard to create her own era.


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