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Last night in Beijing Guoan's 2:1 victory over Shandong Luneng in the focus of the Super League, the controversy over the penalty became the focus. Compared with the game itself, this has become a topic that fans are more willing to pay attention to after the game.


In fact, there was a dispute between the referees in the first round of the match between the two sides. The several penalties made by the referee Shen Yinhao have caused more controversy. It is reported that Shen Yinhao, who was reported by Luneng fans for plagiarism of his paper, has left the Suzhou Division and returned to the serving university to explain the relevant issues.


To be honest, competitive football matches make referees steal the spotlight, which is a result that all parties are unwilling to see. And because of this, they have become more cautious in the selection of referees in the second round of the second round of the Chinese Super League. And elegant.


The key battle between Guoan and Luneng for the championship was to choose the international referee and South Korean special referee Jin Xikun who had whistled many games in the Super League to be the main whistle. The video assistant referee of the game.


In fact, during most of the game, South Korean referee Jin Hekun's judgment accuracy and court control ability were good. The turning point appeared in the 69th minute, when Luneng’s foreign aid Gerdes crossed from the right front and Duan Liuyu calmly pushed and scored to help Luneng take the lead again. But then Jin Xikun watched VAR under the reminder of the video assistant referee Maning, and determined that Gerdes fouled first and the goal was invalid.


In fact, there have been many referee controversies in the past seasons, but it is rare to have such a concentrated outbreak as this season. Of course, this has nothing to do with the competition system of this season. Under the competition system that is biased towards cup competitions, most games are destiny tough battles, so once the penalty affects the game, it will inevitably become a topic of controversy.


Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, the cost of foreign referees in the implementation of the Super League has increased. In the first stage of the game, local referees were used to whistle. It was not until the focus of Guoan and Luneng that foreign referees were used. The unprecedented use of local referees will naturally cause some inexperienced or limited referees to make mistakes and miss judgments. Under the intensive schedule, referees are also facing great work intensity, which also caused an increase in the rate of misjudgments to a certain extent.


In this case, the outside world's dissatisfaction and prejudice against referees continue to increase. Therefore, the problem of refereeing in the two rounds of Luneng and Guoan has caused such a big controversy. It is not so much dissatisfaction with a certain penalty in a single game, more so. For this season and even the previous season's controversy on various penalties.


On this issue, the "next door" CBA league has a lot of reference.


In fact, referees, like players, are a part of the game that are exposed to the public's vision. The outside world also has its own perception of whether the referee's penalties are correct or not. That being the case, it would be better to show the right and wrong to the outside world generously, which is actually a very "cost-effective" way. For example, the highly controversial issue of VAR intervention in this field, whether it complies with the process, and whether the referee's judgment is accurate and reasonable.


Perhaps in a short period of time, there will still be many doubts and abuses, but in the long run, with the increase of credibility and the improvement of referees, this phenomenon will be greatly alleviated. Instead, the internal handling of disputes that seems to protect the referees is used. Under the continuous accumulation of distrust from the outside world, it has increased the difficulty of the referees whistling the game. The use of foreign referees to enforce the law in key events is actually one of the consequences of doing so.


It is foreseeable that as the championship and relegation competitions increasingly enter the white-hot stage, the issue of penalties will also cause controversy. I sincerely hope that the league can return to the wonderful football competition itself, instead of being frequently snatched by other factors, it will eventually evolve into an error correction game and endless debate. This is of no benefit to the development of professional leagues or even Chinese football. (Content source: Chinanews)

可以预见的是,随着冠军和保级比赛越来亚博登录官网越进入白热化阶段,罚款问题也将引起争议。我衷心希望联赛能够重返精彩的足球比赛本身,而不是经常被其他因素所困扰,最终将发展成为一个纠错游戏和无休止的辩论。这对职业联赛乃至中国足球的发展都没有好处。 (内容来源:Chinanews)

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