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   In the last round against Huang Hai, Guoan led 3-0 at halftime again, but did not repeat the "yesterday's story" and finally won the game 5-1.


In the starting lineup, coach Genesio ranked the strongest 11 people, and Guo Quanbo was used in the goalkeeper position to allow more room for adjustment in other positions; midfielder Augusto, Vieira and Zhang Xizhe, striker Shangba Cambu partnered with Alan, the five best offensive midfielders, all started.


   When Guoan became serious, as the newly promoted Huang Hai, there was nothing to resist. Guoan’s half-time shots reached double digits, 9 of which were on target, with a ball possession rate of more than 70%. The data was reflected in the score. At half-time, Guoan led 3-0.


   The score of 3 to 0 is both familiar and worrying. It is not uncommon for Guoan to drive high and low to move this year. Inattention often occurs in the second half. During the intermission, Genecio specifically emphasized the need to concentrate in the second half. This time, they made no mistakes.


   In the second half, Guoan scored two more goals. In addition to Bakambu’s goal, Vieira scored another direct free kick in his best position. In the face of Guoan’s offense, the Yellow Sea line of defense was full of loopholes, but in stoppage time, a penalty kick was used to score. Guoan also left a trace of regret for failing to seal his opponents.


"We played very seriously at the start, the high-post press was very effective, so we scored goals very quickly, and the following few cooperations were also very exciting. The players also played very seriously in the second half. This is very important because there were In a few games, the players were a bit slack after taking the lead. No such situation occurred today, indicating that we have improved." Genesio said.

“一开始我们打得很认真,高位新闻非常有效,所以我们很快就打进了进球,接下来的几次合作也非常令人兴奋。下半场球员也很认真。这很重要因为在几场比赛中,带头后的玩家有些懈怠。今天没有这种情况发生,这表明我们已经有所进步。” Genesio说。

  Before the game against Shanghai SIPG, Guoan regained the pleasure of winning with a big victory. Although it sent points at the last moment, the defensive end did a good job overall. In the second half of the game, Genesio began to rotate players. With the exception of Bakambu, all the first attacking groups were replaced, which was also to prepare for the SIPG.


   Aogu has a big impact due to injury and lack of battle


"Although we won the ball, Augusto, our captain on the field, got off the field because of an injury, which makes me feel a bit regretful." Genesio said, "I haven't learned more about his injury, I hope it doesn't matter. Right." It is undoubtedly bad news that Augusto was injured in a big victory over Huang Hai.


   In the 31st minute, Aogu fell to the ground without confrontation after passing the ball, unable to insist on being replaced. Subsequently, he was accompanied by a team doctor to the hospital for an examination, which showed that the left biceps femoris tendon was strained. The situation is better than expected, but he still needs to rest for a while, and he can't play the rest of the first stage.


   In recent rounds, the state of Aogu has gradually recovered, and Guoan's overall performance has become more and more stable, but the sudden injury once again cast a shadow on Guoan. Aogu's recovery will determine the trend of Guoan's second phase.


   When Guoan played against SIPG for the first time this season, Aogu did not play due to injury. Without him in the midfield, Biella's threat is much reduced, and Guoan's overall advantage in midfield is no longer. Originally, the arrogant man in good condition had already been gearing up to compete with SIPG, but now he can only watch from the sidelines, and Genesio had to adjust the lineup.


  When playing the Yellow Sea, Fernando, who replaced Augusto, performed well. In addition to his first goal after joining, he also had a free kick that threatened the opponent's goal. In the next game, he may have more opportunities.






   The last time he played SIPG, Guoan took the initiative in the first half. The three-center defender system played by Genesio had a certain effect, especially on the right side of Wang Gang, which almost blasted the left side of SIPG. However, after halftime, Pereira quickly reversed the situation through substitutions, and Guoan did not respond in time. After the game, Genesio's on-the-spot command was questioned.

他上一次打SIPG时,国安队在上半场取得了主动。 Genesio发挥的三中卫系统起到了一定的作用,尤其是在王刚的右侧,后者几乎炸毁了SIPG的左侧。然而,中场休息后,佩雷拉通过换人迅速扭转了局面,国安没有及时做出回应。比赛结束后,Genesio的现场命令遭到了质疑。

   This season, Guoan is often picturesque in the first half, and tofu in the second half. On the one hand, players are limited by physical fitness in the second half, and the overall decline is obvious; on the other hand, opponents can usually improve their combat power after substitutions, but Guoan lacks sufficient response. In fact, the Guoan coaching staff did not thoroughly study the five-person substitutions and was not fully prepared. There is a clear difference between five-person substitutions and three-person substitutions, which can directly affect the outcome of the battle. However, in recent rounds, Genesio has improved on this point. The timing and range of his substitutions have changed, and he is actively adjusting. This is a positive sign.


   Against SIPG again, the strength of both sides is still 50-50. The key depends on the coach's ability to interpret and adjust the game on the spot. If Genesio can play decent things in this game, it can greatly reverse the negative perception of the outside world.


In the standings, Guoan is 4 points behind SIPG. If the opponent is defeated, the group's top position will continue. Although the results of the first stage will not be brought into the second stage, it is decided to knock out the opponent and compete for a better ranking. That is still important.

在积分榜上,国安队落后SIPG 4分。如果对手被击败,小组的最高位置将继续。尽管第一阶段的结果不会进入第二阶段,但还是决定淘汰对手并争取更好的排名。那仍然很重要。

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