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   On the evening of September 24, the draw ceremony of the 2020 Beijing Capital Land Tennis Elite Invitational Tournament was held in Beijing Capital Tianxi·Kongzhi Courtyard. After an international referee on-site supervision and drawing lots, the matchup of 36 elite teams was settled, and the excitement was about to start. The lottery ceremony will be broadcast live. In addition, golfers can download wonderful pictures and short videos on the China Open tournament service platform.


   The location of the lottery ceremony was unique and settled in a famous residence in the CBD of Beijing-the first Tianxi·Empty Courtyard. At six o'clock in the evening, guests arrived at the event one after another, and the carefully arranged art exhibition was elegant. Shouchuang Tianxi sits in the most central and scarce location in Beijing, enjoys the most top supporting resources, and is widely favored by social elites. For the first ten years, Tianxi has devoted a lot of time and energy to grinding products. As its blockbuster launch of the only courtyard leveling product in CBD, Tianxi has made up for the regret of elites in the choice of CBD life.


   The highlight of the event that night was naturally the lottery grouping at the Beijing Station. Jin Yan, an international tennis referee who had enforced Grand Slams and the Beijing Olympics, served as the chief referee of this event. She first introduced the grouping methods and the rules for selecting seed teams to the guests. Subsequently, after a lot of lottery by many guests, the lottery of 36 elite teams in the three groups of Beijing Railway Station EMBA group, university group and enterprise group were all settled. Next, the chief referee will draw up the schedule and the division of the venue according to the grouping situation. The game is ready to go and will officially start this Saturday, September 26. The Shanghai station will start on October 17th, and registration is currently continuing.


   At the draw ceremony, in addition to dozens of representatives of elite entrepreneurs from all walks of life participating in the competition, the most surprising thing was the appearance of the two-time Grand Slam Women's Doubles champion and the famous Chinese tennis player Zheng Jie. Zheng Jie has always been an old friend of the China Open. In addition to assisting in the draw for the Beijing Capital Land Tennis Elites Invitational, he will also join former national tennis player Zhang Aimin to meet the PK challenges of many tennis elites on September 26th. Hua is very looking forward to: "I hope to use my meager power to drive the attention of all walks of life to tennis and lead the amateurs to experience the unique charm of tennis. I also hope to take this opportunity to call on business elites to pay attention to and invest in tennis. Only all who love tennis Only when the crowd of people work together will we get stronger and stronger!"


   Burning sports passion and returning to a quality life, Beijing Capital Land has cooperated with China Net this time to create a national CP and bring quality life back on stage. Zhang Haibin, Assistant President of Beijing Capital Land, said in his speech at the lottery ceremony: “The first cooperation between Beijing Capital Land and China Net and EMBA is not only the presentation of the company’s thinking about healthy life, but also the practice of the concept of national health and the leading of the development of national sports. Responsible. Beijing Capital Land has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of creating and enjoying a beautiful new life, constantly exploring new ways of living in a healthy and green society, and continuing to study the multiple perceptions of the beautiful life of the Chinese people, and enriching diverse sector resources to promote real estate, sports, and health The integrated development of industries such as, technology, and culture."


   Facing the difficult 2020, China Open, together with Beijing Capital Group and Beijing Capital Land, will meet the challenge and build an amateur event platform for tennis elites to rekindle the vitality of tennis. Zhang Junhui, Director and President of Beijing China Open Sports Promotion Co., Ltd., and China Open Tournament Director, said: "Event service and event experience have always been the core of China Open. For the amateur event of the 2020 Beijing Capital Land Tennis Elite Invitational, we will host the event. The focus is also to provide you with considerate and high-quality competition services. To this end, we have specially created a brand-new event service platform."

面对艰难的2020年,中国网球公开赛将与北京首都集团和北京首都置地一起,迎接挑战,为网球精英们打造一个业余赛事平台,重塑网球的活力。北京中国公开体育促进有限公司董事总经理兼总裁,中国公开赛总监张俊辉说:“赛事服务和赛事经验一直是中国公开赛的核心。对于2020年北京首都业余比赛而言我们将主办Land Tennis Elite邀请赛,同时还将为您提供体贴和高质量的比赛服务。为此,我们特别创建了一个全新的赛事服务平台。”

   Just follow the China Tennis Open WeChat official account (CO_4007076666) and click on the menu "Elite Tournament" to enter the event service platform. It is reported that the Beijing Capital Land Tennis Elite Invitational has two highlights. The first is the new technology. The score system of the event comes from the information system of the China Open every year. If players do not play, they can know the scores and results of other venues. The second highlight is the new gameplay. The professional photography and camera team invited by the event will capture the dynamic moments of each player. Golfers can find the corresponding in the categories of "Hot Atlas", "Live Highlights", and "Friends Moments Materials" Download and share the game highlights at any time. At the same time, the platform also deliberately opened up the self-portrait upload function, which is also a new gameplay that has not been tried in other amateur events. All contestants will be able to become photographers and upload their own pictures and short videos to the platform to share their excitement.


As a heavyweight event with the EMBA Business School precision crowd as the main participant and covering domestic elites, the event is hosted by the Beijing China Tennis Open Sports Promotion Co., Ltd., co-organized by the Tsinghua EMBA Tennis Association, and Liu Xingang, president of the Tsinghua EMBA Tennis Association. All sectors of the society expressed their gratitude for the support of the event: "Thank you very much for China Open for providing such professional event organization and services, and for building a brand new online service platform for the Elite Tournament; I am very grateful to Beijing Capital Land for its strong support for this event. On the court, we will rekindle our vitality in this tennis season. Outside the court, we will create and enjoy a beautiful new life together. We also want to thank our old friend Zheng Jie for the popularization and promotion of Chinese tennis. Everything done; thank you 36 elite teams who responded positively, and wish us a complete success in Saturday’s game."


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