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   Beijing time on October 17, Xander Schauffele missed a 4-foot birdie putt when he started the second round. This certainly did not foretell what would happen to him in the CJ Cup on Friday.

北京时间10月17日,谢德尔·谢弗勒(Xander Schauffele)在第二轮比赛中错过了4英尺小鸟推。当然,这并没有预见到周五在CJ杯上对他的影响。

   Zand Cheofele putts in as short as 3 feet and as long as 35 feet. In addition, he also cut into a 20-foot chip. In the two-hour interval, it seemed that he would not miss. He caught 7 birdies in 8 holes, including 6 consecutive birdies, and shot a career-low 29 in the back nine holes of the court.

Zand Cheofele的推杆短至3英尺,最长35英尺。此外,他还切入了20英尺长的筹码。在两个小时的间隔中,似乎他不会错过。他在8个洞中抓到7个小鸟,其中包括连续6个小鸟,并在球场后9个洞中打出了职业生涯最低的29个。

  His motivation slowed down with the speed of the game, and finally handed over a 64, 8 under par, and in turn led the first-round leader Tyrrell Hatton (Tyrrell Hatton) by 3 shots.

他的亚博登录官网动力随着比赛的速度而放慢了脚步,最终交出了低于标准杆64杆,8杆的成绩,从而领先了第一轮领先者Tyrrell Hatton(Tyrrell Hatton)3杆。

"For some of these holes, I'm not really trying to catch birds, you just leave yourself 35-foot uphill putts. Fortunately, I made a few," Zander Cheofele said. "This is A good interval. There was a little pause on the other side. The pace of the game has slowed down a bit and it's easy to get distracted.

Zander Cheofele说:“对于这些洞中的一些,我并不是真的想抓鸟,只是让自己离开35英尺的上坡推杆。幸运的是,我做了一些。” “这是一个很好的时间间隔。另一边稍有停顿。比赛的节奏已经放慢了一点,很容易分心。

   "It's very depressed that I haven't been able to catch more birds, but I am very happy. I didn't swallow a bogey."


   Zand Cheofele scored 130 in two rounds, 14 under par, and now holds the court record of Chuoying Creek. Due to the new crown epidemic and problems with international travel, the event was temporarily relocated from South Korea’s Nine Bridges to the Choying Creek in Las Vegas this year.

Zand Cheofele在两轮比赛中得到130分,低于标准杆14分,现在保持亚博登录官方网站着Chuoying Creek的球场纪录。由于新王冠的流行和国际旅行的问题,该赛事今年从韩国的九桥临时搬到了拉斯维加斯的Choying Creek。

   Tyrell Hatton is one of the six players who participated in the flagship European Tour in England last week, and it looks like he will be in trouble at the end. On the 16th hole, par 5, he transitioned into the long grass with one stroke and swallowed the second consecutive bogey. But he initiated a reversal and caught two birdies in a row and shot 68.

泰瑞尔·哈顿(Tyrell Hatton)是上周参加英格兰旗舰欧洲巡回赛的六名球员之一,看来他最后会遇到麻烦。在第16洞标准杆5杆上,他一杆转入长草丛,吞下了第二个柏忌。但是他发起了一次逆转,连续抓到两只小鸟,并打出68杆。

   Russell Henley (Russell Henley) 68, one shot behind, with 134, 10 under par, alone in third place.

拉塞尔·亨利(Russell Henley)68杆,落后一杆,134杆,低于标准杆10杆,仅排在第三位。

   Defending champion Justin Thomas caught 6 birdies and found some motivation. Although he missed two easy opportunities on the par-5 hole, he shot 66 and was 8 shots behind halfway through the game.

卫冕冠军贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas)抓到6只小鸟,并找到了动力。尽管他在标准杆5杆洞中错过了两个轻松的机会,但他在比赛中途只打出66杆,落后8杆。

   "I guess I basically hit it back," he turned his head and looked at the scores on the nearby monitor after speaking, "but today Zander started to go crazy, so the game was a little more difficult."


   Justin Thomas keeps looking at the electronic screen, trying to understand what Zander Cheofele is doing. Obviously, what he has been doing is catching many birds.

贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas)一直看着电子屏幕,试图了解Zander Cheofele在做什么。显然,他一直在抓很多鸟。

"In this place, you can do it," Justin Thomas said, "You can hit very low scores here. There are many bowl-shaped flagpole positions, and many flagpole positions, you can approach. If you don't control it, Live your own ball, the green is so hard, you will really swallow a lot of bogeys."

贾斯汀·托马斯(Justin Thomas)说:“在这里,你可以做到。你可以在这里打出非常低的分数。碗状旗杆位置很多,旗杆位置很多,你可以接近。如果你不控制它,活出自己的球,果岭是如此艰难,您真的会吞下许多柏忌。”

   It's not just Zander Cheofele who is catching birds.

捕鸟的不仅是Zander Cheofele。

   He was in the same group as the US PGA Championship champions Colin Morikawa and Viktor Hovland. Colin Morikawa shot 65 and Victor Hovland shot 66. The three of them shot a total of 21 under par, or 59 if calculated according to the best score.

他与美国PGA锦标赛冠军科林·森川(Colin Morikawa)和维克多·霍夫兰(Viktor Hovland)属于亚博登录官网同一组。森川(Colin Morikawa)出手65杆,维克多·霍夫兰(Victor Hovland)出手66杆。他们三人的总杆低于标准杆21杆,如果按照最佳比分计算,则为59杆。

  Zande Cheofele scored the most points among them. On the 13th hole, after a 211-yard par-3 tee shot to 3 feet, he put in a 25-foot putt on the next hole, and then on the 15th hole two pushes from a side slope on the edge of the green to catch the bird. On the 17th hole, par three, he seemed to be in trouble. At that time, his tee shot fell behind the green, near the creek.

Zande Cheofele得分最高。在第13洞,他以211码三杆洞开球到3英尺,然后在下一个洞推入25英尺的推杆,然后在第15洞,从果岭边缘的侧坡推入两推赶上那只鸟。在第17洞三杆洞,他似乎遇到了麻烦。当时,他的发球区落在小溪附近的果岭后面。

   The bounce was gentle, his ball went into the thick grass, but then he cut the ball into the hole. Then on the 18th hole, par 5, he had to make a transition from the fairway bunker, then he wedgeped his club to 15 feet below the flagstick and pushed in that putt.


   That's when he stepped on the brakes, and also stepped on the brakes during the race. There are too many par-five holes that can be played in two (and a par-four hole that can be played in one stroke), causing a big traffic jam. Due to the scarcity of volunteers, players have to find the ball many times and play provisional balls many times.


   Victor Hofland was on a par 5 hole, and the par 3 hole was just a little short and not on the green, but he had to search for the thick grass guarding the bunker. Brooks Koepka called his entire team to look for the left side of the seventh hole fairway (he also played a provisional ball) until he found the ball. He tossed the ball into the grass, then sent the ball to the fairway, putt 12 feet in the hole, successfully par.

维克多·霍夫兰德(Victor Hofland)在5杆洞上,而3杆洞只是有点矮,没有在果岭上,但是他不得不寻找守卫沙坑的厚草。布鲁克斯·科普卡(Brooks Koepka)叫他的整个团队寻找第七洞球道的左侧(他还打了一个临时球),直到找到球为止。他把球扔进草地,然后将球传到球道,在洞中推杆12英尺,成功获得标准杆。

   Brooks Koepka surrendered 6 under par on 13 holes, and finally surrendered 68. Unfortunately, he was already 10 shots behind.

布鲁克斯·科普卡(Brooks Koepka)在13个洞中以低于标准杆的速度投出6杆,最终投降68杆。不幸的是,他已经落后10杆了。

   Joan Ram won this week and will return to No. 1 in the world. He scored a 5-foot eagle putt on the fourth hole. But he swallowed 4 bogeys in the next 10 holes without catching a birdie. He birdied and shot 73 on the last hole and was already 10 shots behind.

琼·拉姆(Joan Ram)本周赢得了比赛,并将重返世界第一。他在第四个洞打了一个5英尺的老鹰推杆。但是他在接下来的10个洞吞下了4个柏忌,却没有抓到小鸟。他抓下小鸟并在最后一个洞射出73杆,已经落后10杆了。

   McIlroy ups and downs, 7 birdies and 4 bogeys, shot 69, and 12 shots behind. He had to find motivation to bring him to the Sherwood Country Club next week.




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