Tiger Fighting September 27 News Tonight, Guangzhou Evergrande defeated the Dalian native 1-0. At the press conference after the game, Evergrande coach Cannavaro said that Goulart has been stagnant in the past two years, and whether he will return or not can be decided by discussing the next plan with the senior management.


Ask questions directly.


It just so happens that you also asked this question. For this question, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the players and staff, especially the players. The pre-match press conference also said that from the first day to the end of today's game, the cooperation of all the team members to their work shocked me. Especially in these points, how to face the opponent in the game, the implementation of the technical and tactical requirements of the head coach, including each training session, and I am very satisfied with the completion of the training.


The pre-match press conference also said that from Dubai back to Guangzhou due to the epidemic, until the start of the game, there has been no long rest, and no rest for more than 3 days. From Dubai to Guangzhou to the beginning of the league, I was more strict with the players, and I could feel that the players thought that I had burdened them a little bit, but after the game, I scrambled for the data from the running data, so long and hard work. Still see the effect.


In fact, there is still a very important point. It is a very positive phenomenon. There are still some rests during the game in Dalian, two days or one day of rest. I am very pleased that every time I rest, players will ask my assistant team , Whether it is physical fitness or other assistant coaches, request additional training during the two-day break that day. This is a positive sign. You can't relax for a while playing in Evergrande.


This is also what I think about for a year. The state of mind passed to the team cannot be relaxed for one day in my career. Especially in this club, it cannot be said that it is the previous thinking. It may be said that regular competitions are considered to be the absolute main force. Players have such a mental state. When every player in this group has this mental state, the club will improve every day.


Goulart played every game in another division without being replaced. As far as he is concerned, this is our goal, and he has successfully completed it, but we also said that Goulart has completely stagnated in the last two years. This is an unconfirmed answer. When I return to Guangzhou, I will meet with the senior executives of the group to discuss the next plans and arrangements, and the possible AFC. Many things must be considered comprehensively.


There are still many players whose competitive status has not reached 100%, and the players have also found all means and possibilities. Players like Fernando and Yan Dinghao, including Li Xuepeng, are still in the recovery stage. According to calculations, they must be able to reach 1000 minutes of competition. The team members will reach a very good competitive state. Due to various reasons, some very important players have not reached it.

仍然有许多球员的竞争地位还没有达到100%,并且球员们也找到了一切手段和可能性。像费尔南多(Fernando)和闫鼎好(Yan Dinghao)这样的球员,包括李雪鹏,都还处于恢复阶段。根据计算,他们必亚博登录官方网站须能够达到1000分钟的比赛时间。团队成员将达到非常好的竞争状态。由于各种原因,一些非常重要的参与者尚未达到目标。

What I am most satisfied with is the implementation of the skills and tactics of the players on the field, in what form the requirements for skills and tactics are displayed, the specific preparation of the opponent during training, and the performance in the game, which makes me very satisfied. Regardless of the environmental conditions, the players do well, which makes me very satisfied. The team is very mature, and can also be converted according to the coach's instructions during the game.


To tell the truth, there is not too much time before returning to Guangzhou to the start of the second stage. After the closure, the players will be given holidays. When returning to Guangzhou, there will be a brief national team training. I don’t know how many people will go and the specific cycle. Time is not particularly enough for us. But according to the situation to arrange, first give the players a holiday.


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