Tiger Fighting, October 15th, written by Martyn Ziegler, the editor-in-chief of The Times, who broke the news about the results of today's Premier League meeting. He said that the 20 clubs under the Premier League held an emergency meeting. They rejected the PBP proposal led by Manchester United and Liverpool. Instead, all the clubs carried out an urgent strategic consultation together, and this was also regarded as these clubs’ submission to the EFL. A compromise solution proposed. This was disclosed by the Daily Telegraph last weekend, proposed by Liverpool and Manchester United, and supported by EFL Chairman Rick Parry.

《泰拳格斗》,10月15日,由《泰晤士报》主编马丁·齐格勒(Martyn Ziegler)撰写,他发布了有关今天英超联赛会议结果的消息。他说,英超联赛的20个俱乐部举行了紧急会议。他们拒绝了由曼联和利物浦领导的PBP提案。相反,所有俱乐部都共同进行了紧急战略咨询,这也被视为这些俱乐部向EFL提交的文件。提出了一种折衷解决方案。上周末《每日电讯报》披露了这一点,这是利物浦和曼联提出的,并得到了EFL主席里克·帕里的支持。

The PBP proposal must have been well known by many people in previous Telegraph column reports. This proposal will give all voting rights to the Premier League’s giants and greatly increase their financial income. Most (except the giants) opposition from Premier League clubs. What can be learned is that


In addition,


Originally, someone expected a fierce confrontation between representatives of Liverpool and Manchester United, but according to a club executive, the meeting between the clubs was "civilized".


The PBP proposal has won the support of a large part of the EFL clubs, because the proposal promises that the revenue from the three lower-level leagues in the UK will account for 25% of the total revenue. According to insiders in the Premier League, at least 14 of the 20 Premier League clubs have raised their own objections, and perhaps some of Big6 also have objections.


Big6’s fan trust also united to oppose the project’s plan, saying that they “completely oppose the concentration of power in the hands of six billionaire bosses, and oppose the departure of a club, one vote and the collective spirit of the beginning of the Premier League”.

Big6的忠实拥护者也团结起来反对该项目的计划,称他们“完全反对将权力集中在六位亿万富翁老板手中,反对离开俱乐部,一票赞成和英超联赛开始的集体精神。 ”。

And then Martyn Ziegler, like Sam Wallace of The Telegraph, also quoted FA Chairman Greg Clark, who had warned Manchester United and Liverpool before that the FA has the right to use its special powers to prevent the division of the league and prevent it. These clubs participate in the UEFA Champions League.

然后,马丁·齐格勒(Martyn Ziegler)像《电讯报》的山姆·华莱士(Sam Wallace)一样,也引用了足协主席格雷格·克拉克(Greg Clark),他曾警告过曼联和利物浦,在此之前,足总有权使用其特殊权力来防止联赛分裂并防止联赛分裂。这些俱乐部参加了欧洲冠军联赛。

Clark said the FA will use its "privileges" in the Premier League to protect "the best interests of British football." He also pointed out that the FA will designate which clubs are eligible to participate in European intercontinental matches. Clark confirmed that the two clubs (Manchester United and Liverpool) and Parry mentioned the threat of leaving the Premier League in the discussion, which is said to be for the Premier League's Big6 to join the EFL.


Liverpool boss John Henry and chairman Mike Gordon and Manchester United boss Joel Glazer promoted this big plan, but none of the three showed up at the Premier League meeting because the meeting was held via video conference.


Clark confirmed in a statement yesterday that he has conducted preliminary negotiations with the team on the heavy schedule and other issues with the permission of the FA's senior directors and CEO. Clark said: "At the end of the spring, when the subject of these conversations turned into a few powerful clubs threatening to leave the Premier League, I naturally stopped talking to them. But I recommend that all Premier League clubs and their Both the chairman and chief executive officer participated in this dialogue.


"We, the FA Board and Council, must ensure that any changes are for the long-term interests of the entire British football community. We have effective control measures to help ensure that any new proposals are in the best interests of the league. In addition, the Football Association The privileges that always have in the Premier League also make some major changes in the Premier League not to be forcibly implemented by bypassing the FA. Of course, it is also within the scope of the FA to give the league a certification within the scope of England— —Including any newly proposed league model, issuing licenses to clubs, communicating with UEFA for clubs to participate in the European war, etc.


Like the Daily Telegraph, the Times also used Clark’s sentence, full of threatening warnings, saying: "


The Times finally broke the exclusive news. They said they had seen the complete proposal. The document outlines how amazing the power and money will be given to top clubs.


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