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Then came the carnival between the Lakers and the fans, and the letter brother, who won a championship ring with the team, naturally attracted attention. After all, his brother was expensive for two consecutive MVPs, but his brother became the first to win the championship. Antetokounmpo is not a murderer.

随后是湖人与球迷之间的狂欢节,与该队一起获得总冠军戒指的信哥自然引起了人们的注意。毕竟,他的兄弟连续两个MVP都很昂贵,但是他的兄弟成为第一个赢得冠军的人。 Antetokounmpo不是杀人犯。

   Brother Jianjun posted his winning video on social media, while Brother Jianjun responded three "what?" in succession, and the smell of lemon overflowed the screen.


But brothers are always brothers. Antetokounmpo finally congratulated him on the title on his personal account. He said: "Congratulations! My dear brother, my pride. You represent our country and ours. family!"


   However, I don’t know why. We always think that there is something in the words of Brother Antetokounmpo. I look at these sentences and always want to translate it into: "My dear brother, you will always be a younger brother!"






With the big fish of Antetokounmpo, all teams in the league naturally set their sights on the free market next year. According to ESPN reporters, in next year's Antetokounmpo contest, the Lone Ranger will give it a go and even take the lead. status.

有了Antetokounmpo的大鱼,联盟中的所有球队自然都会在明年的自由市场上放下自己的目光。根据ESPN亚博登录官网记者的报道,在明年的Antetokounmpo比赛中,Lone Ranger将试一试,甚至领先。状态。

This stone caused a thousand waves. Let’s not consider whether this can happen. The combination of Doncic + Antetokounmpo + Porzingis can be called the strongest international Big Three in history, not even one of them. Can rub these three people together, think with their feet, and imagine what they can bring you.

这块石头引起了一千波。我们不考虑这种情况是否会发生。 Doncic + Antetokounmpo + Porzingis的组合可以被称为历史上最强大的国际三巨头,甚至没有一个。可以将这三个人揉在一起,用脚思考,想像他们能为您带来什么。

As long as this possibility exists, someone will definitely contribute to it. If it were not for Porzingis’ injury, the lone ranger who entered the playoffs for the first time this year might even overturn the Clippers. This team showed It is a strong talent and an immeasurable future.


Everyone knows that the Lone Ranger has a "hobby" to collect international players. From Nowitzki to Doncic to Boshen, Kuban and his team have always shown different charms. Antetokounmpo came to the Lone Ranger. Worthy, the answer is undoubtedly, don't forget that this team has one of the best coaches in the league. Carlisle's strength is not just that he once led the team to win the championship.

大家都知道,独行亚博登录官方网站侠有收集国际玩家的“爱好”。从诺维茨基到唐亚博登录官方网站奇奇再到博申,库班和他的团队始终展现出不同的魅力。 Antetokounmpo来到了独行侠。值得的是,答案无疑是,别忘了这支球队是联盟中最好的教练之一。卡莱尔的实力不仅仅在于他曾经带领球队赢得冠军。

Three MVP-level players who are on the rise and have non-duplicate functions, plus a champion coach who has proven themselves. This team is scary by imagination alone. I believe that even if it is Antetokounmpo, it will be difficult. Resist the temptation of this future.


But things are obviously not that easy to happen. The Warriors were the first to jump out and call to stop. As we all know, the Golden State people have been coveting Antetokounmpo for a long time. If they follow the current posture to compete with the Lone Ranger in the free market next year, Curry and Curry at the peak tail Clay, who has been badly injured, is afraid that it will be difficult to beat the fat 77 and the god of wave, so if the Warriors want to start, they have to take advantage of the bargaining chip now.


   And what is the biggest bargaining chip of the Warriors right now? It is the second pick that hasn't been drawn. If Antetokounmpo is gone, what the Bucks are missing is the future. This complementarity adds infinite possibilities to this deal.


If the Warriors are cruel and stud, saying that Antetokounmpo can still join other teams if he does not win the championship next season, then I think there is really no reason for Antetokounmpo to refuse. The reason is simple. If he wins the championship, he can continue to stay on the team and fail to win the championship. , He also has the option of Lone Ranger, which is a pretty good attempt for both parties. As to whether these things can be achieved, it depends on everyone's eloquence and courage.

如果勇士们残酷无情,说如果下个赛季他不赢得冠军,Antetokounmpo仍然可以加入其他球队,那么我认为Antetokounmpo确实没有理由拒绝。原因很简单。如果他赢得了冠军,他可以继续留在队中而不能赢得冠军。 ,他还可以选择“独行侠”,这对双方都是不错的尝试。至于能否实现这些目标,则取决于每个人的口才和勇气。

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