亚博登录官网:除了伤兵满营 申花还有一个大问题


   Article source: Football News




   In the last round of the match against Suning, Shenhua played very tenaciously. The starting lineup had only one foreign aid from Mbia. Relying on the remaining team to draw against the opponent was an improvement in morale. In the press conference after the game, Cui Kangxi said, "Now we are tied one after another. The players have worked very hard, and even made me apologize."


   Against Suning, Shenhua let the new foreign aid Martinez play for about 20 minutes. His ability to play is good news for the team. Although there have been games before coming to Shanghai and the physical condition is good, but after 14 days of isolation, there is very little time to practice with the Shenhua team, and the tacit understanding with teammates has not been found. The impact is still great for the players. Shenhua hopes that Martinez can complete the run-in as soon as possible and play a role in the rest of the game.


   Draw with Suning, Shenhua scored 15 points. Shenzhen and R&F ranked behind Shenhua with 14 points, 1 point behind Shenhua. Shenhua, who has not won the last 7 rounds, can still be ranked fourth, which is quite rare.


Shenhua still has the initiative in the fourth round. The opponents in the last two rounds are R&F and Jianye. Jianye has already determined in advance to play the second stage of the relegation competition. Shenhua is more likely to score points. The key is to play against R&F. It is a contest between direct competitors.


   Since Shenhua is still one point more than R&F, the tie seems not unacceptable. But Cui Kangxi said: "I still think about winning. Only after winning can I have a more comfortable mentality in the next game. So whether it is me or the player, all I think about is winning the game."


"At present, the team has more injuries at the forward position, so we have to focus more on defense, and the players are also working hard to overcome many difficulties. We need to focus more on the following games. Go, go all out to play the game.” Cui Kangxi said after the last round.


As Cui Kangxi said, Shenhua, whose focus is on defense recently, has done a good job in this regard. In terms of zero-blocking data, Shenhua is the best among the 16 Super League teams, and has zero-blocked 5 games in the first 12 rounds of the league. Compared with last season, his defense has improved a lot.




   It’s really difficult to win R&F, mainly because Shenhua has suffered from injuries


   Cao Yunding also insisted on playing with injuries recently. The injury worsened in the last round and was replaced in the 56th minute. After inspection, the situation was not too serious. Can he make his comeback in time? Cui Kangxi said, "Moreno's situation is not very optimistic. The other two players (Yu Hanchao and Cao Yunding) have to observe today's training situation."


In the first half of the game, Shenhua lost to R&F 2-3. In that game, R&F’s Zahawi played well, but now Zahavi has left R&F, and R&F has also suffered some injuries. In other words, this is an opportunity.

在比赛的上半场,申花输给了R&F 2-3。在那场比赛中,R&F的Zahawi表现不错,但现在Zahavi离开了R&F,R&F也受到了一些伤害。换句亚博登录官网话说,这是一个机会。

   Mbia has played steadily in recent games and will definitely start. Martinez may still be on the bench.


Regarding R&F, Cui Kangxi said: “We have played against them in leagues and cups, and there are indeed some of our tactical arrangements that have not been played out, so we need to make some changes. At this stage, whether it is us or R&F, both There are a lot of injuries, just to see who can fight to the end. Our players will never be inferior to R&F on a mental level. This is definitely not a problem."


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